Create a Client Assessment via Kiosk

Client Assessments are are surveys completed by your client at the start, during or after an intervention. This method will place an assessment in your client account they can access and complete using a CommunityCI Kiosk login.


Step 1. Locate the session you wish to assess. This may exist under a variety of sessions e.g. Family Support, Financial Counselling, Settlement Services.

Step 2.  Scroll down to the CI Assessments panel.

Step 3.  Click the Client drop down and select the client to record the assessment against. Click Create button to create assessment for the selected client.

Step 4. Select the required assessment template from the drop down list.

Step 5. Select the assessment phase applicable.

Note: assessment templates may have different phases depends on the outcomes framework they are part of. For example the SCORE framework has 2 phases 'Initial' and 'Subsequent'. Chose the phase most applicable to the intervention stage associated with your session.

Step 6. Select ‘Client via Kiosk’ from the Assessed By drop down list.

Step 7. View the CI Assessment list to ensure Kiosk assessment was created successfully.

Your organisation has a unique Kiosk website. Tablets or computers used for assessment Kiosk should be configured with a special shortcut or icon to assist launching the Kiosk. If you don’t have access to a computer configured for Kiosk please contact CDS support.

Step 8. Click on the Kiosk icon in your designated tablet or computer to launch the Kiosk.

Step 9. Assist your client to login to their Kiosk account.

Client will login to the Kiosk using their Email address as username and a Special access code. The default access code is the client’s date of birth as recorded in their profile, for example if the client’s date of birth is 12/04/1989 their access code is 120489.

Step 10. The client will be asked to reset their access code if its the first time they have logged in.

Step 11. Once logged in, the client will be presented with a link to one or more assessments. Ask the client to click on the assessment link and complete all questions.

Step 12. Client answers all required assessment questions.

Step 13. Client saves the assessment.

Step 14. Client reviews the answers they have recorded. If they wish to change anything they can click the Edit button and modify the answers. Once they are happy with their answers, they click Complete to finalise the assessment.

Step 15. On completion the client can click return button to return to the Kiosk home screen.

Step 16. Ask the client to log out from the Kiosk.

Further Information

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Updated on March 22, 2021

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