Add a Worker

The Workers module allows your organisation to record details about your employees, and provide you with a snapshot of their contact information, availability, skills and interests, emergency contacts, and checklist/licences.

This section can also be used to manage volunteers, by differentiating workers as ‘Paid’ and ‘Unpaid’ staff (i.e. Volunteers) within the module.


Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).


Step 2. Select Workers from the top menu


Step 3. Review the returned list



Ensure the worker you wish to add does not already exist in the list.


Step 4. Select Create Workers from the shortcuts menu

Create Workers


Step 5. Complete the required fields.

  • Contact Information
  • Email
  • Address(es)
  • Availability
  • Skills and Interests
  • Emergency Contact
  • Checklist/Licenses

Enter Worker information


Step 6. Click save

Saved Worker Record


Once saved, three sub-panels will appear at the bottom of the Worker record: Work Entries, Training and Documents.

The Work Entries sub-panel allows your organisation to record details of that particular worker’s hours on a program.

The Training sub-panel allows your organisation to record the details of that particular worker’s training.

The Document sub-panel allows your organisation to upload documents relating to that particular worker.


Further Information

Refer to the following articles for further information:

Updated on May 24, 2018

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