Secure File Transfers Permissions

As part of your engagement with clients, there are documents, forms or other files you may need to provide to them.

When sending files electronically, security is an important concern.

The secure file transfer functionality allows you to send a file from a customer from within the database.

To access the Secure File Transfer functionality, a user must have one of the following Secure File Transfer roles applied to their user account.

Secure File Transfer – Worker

The Secure File Transfer – Worker is able to create new transfer requests, and view and edit only their own existing requests.

Secure File Transfer – Coordinator

The Secure File Transfer – Coordinator has the access available to the Worker role, and is also able to view all Secure File Transfer requests and manage files in the Standard Documents list.

For information on assigning a role to a user, refer to the following article:

Updated on May 6, 2020

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