Secure File Transfer

The secure file transfer functionality allows you to send or request a file from a customer or contact from within the database. The interaction and the file are then linked to the client or contact record.

Secure File Transfers uses a secure system that does not rely on sending the files over email, which can have security issues.

Secure File Transfers can be used to send files to a client or contact, or to request a file from them. You can also do both in one request. You may wish to send a form to a client, asking them to complete it and return it to you.

Clients/Contacts will receive an email with a link from where they will be able to download and/or upload the file.

If the client is required to download and upload file/s, they will receive 2 emails.

Possible Issues

  • Can’t see the Secure File Transfer sub-panel
  • No email was sent/received
    • Check that the email address on the Client or Contact record is correct.
    • If the email address looks correct, contact CDS Support for further assistance.
    • Note – the system will continue to attempt to send the email for 3 days if it is unsuccessful e.g. the recipient’s email server is down

Further Information

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Updated on October 21, 2021

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