OOHC Overview

The Out of Home Care (OOHC) module tracks all Alternative Care or Foster Care related services.

This module has the capability to record the details of the Child, Carer/Carer Household, Foster/Respite Child Referral and Carer Training.

OOHC Workflow

There is a specific workflow to follow when using the OOHC Module and it indicates the relationship between the 3 main OOHC record types.


  • These include Carers, Birth Parents and other significant adults

Carer Households

  • The application/approval/training/review process is recorded here
  • Clients/Adults/Individuals are nominated as Primary Carers plus associated others (other children, babysitters etc)
  • Placements are created against┬áthe Carer Household


  • These can be children in care or their siblings
  • Referrals are linked to Placements against the Carer Households


Out of Home Care Workflow


Further information

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Updated on May 24, 2018

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