Create a Carer Household

The Carer Household record holds all the relevant information from Enquiry through to Authorisation, and the ongoing activity associated with managing an Active Carer Household.


Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).


Step 2.  Select Carer Household from the top menu


Step 3. Click the Create New Carer Household shortcut

Create household shortcut


Step 4. Add the Primary Adult Carer (and Secondary Adult Carer if applicable).

Household Details

You will be able to search existing Client records to locate them or alternatively, create them if they do not already exist (ensure you search for the Adults/Individuals before creating them to avoid duplicate records).

There is an extensive list of fields that can be populated against the newly created Carer Household which at this stage has Status = Enquiry as it is required to go through the assessment process. The name of the Carer Household is often prefixed by the Carer Surname e.g. ‘Smith Household’.

The sections (or panels) to be populated are as follows and any mandatory fields are indicated by the red asterisk.


  • Enquiry Details

Household Enquiry Details


  • Application & Approval Details

Household Application and Approval Details


  • Accommodation Details

Accomodation Details


  • Health of Household Members

Health of Household Members


  • Transport

Household Transport Details


  • Animals / Pets

Household Animals and Petds


  • Other Details

Other Household Details


Step 5. Click Save

Once the Carer Household has been created it will go through the assessment processes during which the following sections will be used to record additional information (and they will be used thereafter whilst the Carer Household is active).

Carer Household Sub-Panels

Household Record subpanels

Carer Reviews

A place to record formal reviews that take place either during the assessment process or as an annual review. There is the possibility to upload a document and to record the Review Date field.

Carer Contacts

A place to record ad-hoc contact with the Carer Household e.g. Phone call, meeting, email, SMS etc. You have the ability to record time spent/distance travelled. It would be expected that a Carer Contact record would be created to match a Carer Review record. Any specific notes regarding a child should also be recorded against that specific child record.

Non Foster Children in Household

Nominate other children who reside in the household – typically natural children.

You have the choice between ‘Create’  and ‘Select’ (for those who already exist in your system).

Other Household Residents

This is a place to record other adults who are either permanent or regular residents and you are able to select these from the Clients/Adults/Individuals section and nominate their type (e.g. Grandparent, Nephew, Cousin etc.).

Foster Children Placement

Once a Carer Household has been through the assessment process and is approved, the Status is set to Active and the Carer Household is now available to have Placements created against it.

For information on how to create a placement record, refer to the Create a Foster Children Placement article.



Further Information

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Updated on May 18, 2022

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