DEX Portal Report Upload Errors

When a bulk XML upload file is processed by the Data Exchange (DEX), you may receive errors.

Errors may occur due to a number of reasons, usually related to incorrect or missing data.


Step 1. Create your XML Bulk Upload file (refer to the Create a DEX Activity Report  article for instructions. )

Step 2. Upload to the DEX Portal (refer to the Upload XML Report to DEX article for instructions.)

Step 3.  The Data Exchange may return the following error:

XML Structure is invalid. Please download the validation error file below.

XML Structure is invalid

The error file is downloaded automatically.

Step 4. Open the Error Report

The XML validation checks the layout of the activity file and returns error based on missing elements.

XML Error file

Step 5. If possible, review the error file and resolve any data issues.

To review the error file, you will need to open the original XML file uploaded to the DEX portal using an XML editor such as Sublime text.

You can then find the line number mentioned in the error file.

Alternatively, email the error file to CDS Support for further assistance.

Further Information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on March 18, 2020

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