Why can’t I see the full list?

Community Data Solutions has worked with your organisation to tailor your database to your needs.  Each CRM database is different, but the underlying functionality is the same.  

Every list in the database is searchable.

While each list contains slightly different information, the searching functionality is common across all lists.

If you are viewing a list page and there seem to be entries missing, there are a couple of possibilities.

If you have previously searched on this page and returned to it, your previous search may still be active.

Check for active search criteria

Active Search criteria

If active search criteria exist, click Clear to return all list entries.

Clear search criteria

The active search criteria are removed

Active Search removed

Multiple Pages

Most returned lists are limited to display a certain amount of results per page. If your list is larger than this limit, it will be split across multiple pages.

List pages

To view the following page, click the single right arrow.

Single Right arrow


To view the previous page, click the single left arrow.

Single Left arrow


To move to the end of the list, click the double right arrow.

Double Right arrow



To move to the start of the list, click the double left arrow

Double Left arrow



Further Information

For further information, refer to the Searching article.

Updated on May 23, 2018

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