What is Community BI?

Community BI is a Business Intelligence Reporting system.
Community BI is offered as a data visualisation tool integrated with Community Data Solutions CRM.

For our customers there are different versions of Community BI available.  What you have as a user is dependant on what your organization has selected to use.  

  • Community BI – Dedicated
  • Community BI – Light

In your Community Data Solutions CRM Database by default Community BI – Light is available to all customers.

Community BI – Dedicated

Community BI gives you the power to interrogate your data independently of CDS. You will benefit from the ability to develop insights and share information more readily amongst your staff and stakeholders.

More information on CDSs Community BI product can be found at  https://communityds.com.au/communitybi.  Or if you need help using, you can access the support Knowledge Base https://support.communitybi.com.au

Community BI – Light 

Reporting using the Community BI – Light in available in all Community Data Solutions CRM Databases.

You can find more information on the Community BI – Light.  See Further Information below.

Further Information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on March 11, 2024

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