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Why do the times look incorrect?

The CDS Database system allows multiple time zones. Each user of your system can select the date that works for them. If the dates in your system look incorrect, you may need to change your selected date format. Instructions Step 1. Log in with your current password Step 2. Click My… Read More

Remove a CHSP attendance record

When creating a planned service, you may select an attendee expecting them to attend, discovering later that they cancel. As long as the service has not been reported to the Data Exchange, you can remove the attendance record from the service. In most instances a service would be recorded with… Read More

Booking Finalisation Error Log

Once the related shifts are completed and updated by the support worker – this may be through Deputy, Support Worker Portal or another process – the associated booking must be finalised. There are several reasons that may cause a booking to not be automatically finalised. The Booking Finalisation error log… Read More

Client Timeline Report

The Client timeline report has been created to provide an overview of all services provided to a client during their engagement with an agency. Instructions Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information). Step 2. Search for the required Client. Step… Read More

Word Search

The Word Search function is a tool to help managers find trends or correlations between information recorded in notes across the database. The tool allows managers to interrogate qualitative data to track themes within client communication with your staff. Please review the instructions below, or view the following video:… Read More

Edit a recurring booking

Recurring bookings can be created using the Scheduling module. Recurring bookings are bookings that occur at the same time, on the same day each week, or fortnight. If the time of one or more planned activity/ies or service/s needs to change, you can edit the booking recurrence. Instructions Step 1. Read More

Create a DEX Activity report – SCORE via Community CI

Once the data for DEX Clients and activities has been recorded, the DEX Activity Report can be created.  DEX requires all data to be uploaded within a set timeframe at the end of each reporting period, but data can be uploaded at any time within the period, once prepared. Instructions… Read More