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SCORE Overview Report – Community BI Reporting

Why is it helpful to your client management and DEX portal reporting compliance? In your database it is now possible to generate a report that will assist you to look at Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting tool known as SCORE. This report is called SCORE Overview Report and is… Read More

Comparing reports from DEX to reports from CDS

The various Statistics reports in your CDS system (Emergency Relief Statistics, Financial Counselling Statistics etc.) have been in our system for some time and were built prior to the DSS DEX. The logic in the report is very different to that which would be used in any report generated from… Read More

Spell check

To access a spell check tool, users should enable to built in spell check that is available in Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the preferred browser that CDS recommends but other browsers may also have a built in spell check tool. You can learn how to enable the… Read More

Location Module

The Location module is an enhanced means of recording the address of a Client or Contact. The Location module is an optional extra that can be added to the client module and if your organisation requires this functionality please contact us to obtain a quote. It enables validation of an… Read More

Add a new Service

Each time DSS announces a new service becomes available for a funded program you can add the service to the relevant funding source. To add a new service to existing funding source follow the below process: Instructions Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further… Read More

Manage an expired Service

Each time DSS announces changes to funded programs you may need to add new services or set existing services to inactive. If you wish to set existing service to inactive follow the below process. Instructions Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).  … Read More

How do I rename a Funding Source?

If you wish to rename a funding source you must contact CDS support. The process requires updating all data recorded against the funding source to ensure its integrity remains intact.   Further information For further information, refer to the following articles: Funding Sources Overview Manage an expired… Read More

Set an expired Funding Source to inactive

  If you no longer funded for a particular program or wish to stop recording data against a funding source follow the process below: Instructions Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).   Step 2. Select Funding Sources from the Top… Read More

Manage an expired Funding Source

Funding sources are used to determine DSS reporting program and the range of services available under that program. You are required to maintain the expiry date on your Funding Sources. One week prior to funding source expiry CDS CRM will automatically email all database managers who have an email address registered… Read More

Funding Sources Overview

The Funding Source Module is installed in all databases that report to the DSS Data Exchange (and all databases created after June 2016) This article will assist you to manage DSS changes to funding programs and ensure DEX reported data is valid. The instructions in this document are also useful… Read More