Add a new Service

Each time DSS announces a new service becomes available for a funded program you can add the service to the relevant funding source.

To add a new service to existing funding source follow the below process:


Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).


Step 2. Select Funding Sources from the Top menu.

Funding Sources List


Step 3. Identify the funding source you wish to manage

Click on the edit icon for the funding source.

Click edit on required funding source


The Funding Source details are displayed

Funding Source


Step 4. Click CREATE button above the list of services

Create Service

The new service fields are displayed

New Service


Step 5. Enter the required information

  • Service Type:
    • Enter a descriptive name for the Service
  • Service Type ID:
    • If a DSS Funding Source, enter the ID provided by the DSS
  • Status:
    • Select Active for a current service
  • Is Financial Capability Workshop:
    • Click the check box if required

Completed Service


Tip: You must record a service ID to report valid 
information to DEX


Step 6.  Click Save

The service is saved and displayed in the services list for the funding source

New Service added to funding source


Further information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on June 4, 2018

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