Manage an expired Funding Source

Funding sources are used to determine DSS reporting program and the range of services available under that program. You are required to maintain the expiry date on your Funding Sources.

One week prior to funding source expiry CDS CRM will automatically email all database managers who have an email address registered in the database to inform them of funding source expiry.

Once you receive the email follow the process below to update the funding source.


Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).

Step 2. Select Funding Sources from the Top menu.

Funding Sources List

Step 3. Identify the funding source to be expired.

Click edit on required funding source

Step 4. Select the funding source to view the details

Funding Source Detail

Step 5. Note the Outlet and Activity ID number

Step 6. If the program is funded by DSS contact DEX help desk and ask if the funding source can be extended.

Ensure you identify the funding source by its Outlet and Activity ID displayed in the database.

If DEX extends the existing funding source continue from step 7, otherwise request a new activity for your organisation via your DEX login

Step 7. Click Edit on the funding source record

Funding Source Edit mode

Modify the END DATE to the new expiry date issued by DEX

Step 8. Save the funding source

Note: Extending the funding source expiry is the recommended method to ensure data is reportable. 
This is preferable to DSS providing a new Funding Source with a different ID which will require CDS to 
install the Funding Source.

The End Date is updated successfully

Funding Source end date updated

Step 9. Log into your DSS DEX Portal using a computer installed with AUSKEY or myGovID.

Step 10. Click Manage Organisation

Manage Organisation

Step 11. View the Program Activities and check the end dates

Program Activities

If the end dates are not correct, the activity end date must be changed within the related Outlet record.

Step 12.  Select the related Outlet record

Related outlets

The Outlet details are displayed

Outlet Record Details

Step 13.  Click Edit in the required Activity record

Edit Activity Record

Step 14.  Update the end date as required

Activity End Date

Step 15. Click Save.

The Activity is updated, with Status = Ready for approval.

Activity status ready for approval

The Data Exchange Helpdesk must now approve the change. This is subject to their normal turn-around times.

Further Information

For further information on working with the DSS DEX Portal, please refer to the following links:

For further information on Funding Sources, refer to the following articles:

Updated on February 12, 2020

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