Cancel a planned group activity

NDIS activities can be planned, delivered and/or cancelled for individuals or groups.

For a number of reasons, a planned activity may need to be cancelled.

To cancel the activity for an entire group, follow the instructions below.

If you need to record the non-attendance of only certain participants, refer to Create a Cancellation Claim – Group Activity.




Step 1. Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).


Step 2. Open the Support Plan page from the top menu


Step 3. Select Group Case Type
Group Case Type


Step 4. Enter any other appropriate search criteria


Step 5. Click Search

The list of group support plans are returned
Group List


Step 6. Select the required group plan


The Group Support Plan page is displayed

Group Support Plan


Step 7. Select the activity to be cancelled from the NDIS Support Activities list

Planned Activity


Step 8. Click Edit


Step 9. In the Activity Status drop-down, select Cancelled (Cannot Deliver Service)


Cancelled Status


Tip: Cancelled (No Show) or Cancelled (Client Request) Statuses are more relevant to 
individual activities.
When cancelling a group activity, you are recording that the session was cancelled 
for all participants.



The Activity is updated.
Any claims related to the activity are set to Void status with a Claim Type of Cancellation Charge and a Cancellation Reason of No Show due to other reason.

Tip: Claims will only be related to an activity if activity attendee records are selected 
within the activity. In most cases, attendees will not be selected until a planned activity 
is updated to delivered.



To charge a cancellation fee for the cancelled activity, refer to Create a Cancellation Claim – Group Activity

Further Information

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Updated on September 6, 2018

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