Recording Enquiries count for DEX Reporting

The Enquiry module does not report your communications with people to DEX.

You can record a count of the Enquiry communications you deal with, this can be done by recording them in a Community Education Case and its Session/s.
These will then be reported to DEX.


Step 1.   Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).

Your CRM database will have been created based on your organisation's needs.
All screenshots below are based on a generic version of a CRM database.

What you see in your database will also depend on what Permissions (role) you have been given as a user.

Step 2.   In the Activities Menu

Click on Community Education Case

Step 3.    On the left in the Shortcuts

Click on Create Community Education Case

The examples shown below are for 3 months.

If you want to align it with the reporting period just name it based on that period.
Example -> Jan - Jun 2022 or Jul - Dec 2022

If you want to 

Step 4.   You can now enter information in the new record for ‘Community Education Case’

Enter required information

Give the Community Education Case a name that reflects the dates the enquiries are being counted, also put into notes something that reflects what the group is for. 

Examples of -> Group / Activity Name:
Jul-Sep 2022 
Jan-Jun 2022
Jul-Dec 2022
Enquiries - Year 2022

Examples of -> Notes:
Used to record count of enquiries for 3 months
Used to record count of enquiries 

See one example being used on screenshots below

Step 5.    When you have finished entering the information

Click on Green Save button

If at any time before saving you want to abort the record creating click on Cancel.

Step 6.   The Community Education Case is displayed

On the left in the Sub-Panel

Click on Sessions

Sub-Panels are shortcuts, you could also scroll down the screen to get to an item on the Sub-Panel list.

Step 7.   You can now see the Sessions – List

Click on Create

Step 8.   You can now enter information into the new Session

Enter required information
Session Name
Primary Service Type

If you used the example in the above screenshots for the Community Education Case (Group) above.

You would now create 3 sessions, Jul-2022, Aug-2022 & Sep-2022

See screenshot below is for one Session Example 'Jul-2022'

Enter Unidentified Attendees
Enter the count of Enquiries for the month the session relates to (example: Jul-2022)

Want to know the count of enquiries for a month. Run the Enquiries Statistics Report

Step 9.    When you have finished entering the information

Click on Green Save button

If at any time before saving you want to abort the record creating click on Cancel.
Repeat Steps 7, 8 and 9 for each month the Community Education Case is for.

Step 10.   You will now have a list of Sessions with Unidentified Attendees only.

These sessions will now be reported to DEX

For Example:

Community Education Case Example -> Jul - Sep 2022
Sessions -> Jul-2022, Aug-2022, Sep-2022

has been added

See screenshot of example being used below

Step 11.   Once you have finished with creating the last Session , you can now close the Community Education Case.

The Community Education Case doesn't have to be closed after entering 3 sessions, remember all the screenshots are examples.

You may decided that you record Sessions with count of enquires (Unidentified Attendees) as ongoing (maybe for a year). 
Just name you Community Education Case appropriately.

If you are not already there, navigate or search for the Community Education Case

Change Status to Closed and enter in the Exit Panel the closed date.

Step 12.   For the next reporting period.

You can create a new community Education Case and populate its Sessions as you have done above.

Further information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on October 18, 2022

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