Why do I see the NDIS number Support Plan Warning?

After creating a support plan you may see the following error:

WARNING: A regular attendee is missing a NDIS number on Client record (Client Name).

This means that one of the regular attendees you have added for this support plan does not have an NDIS number. The particular attendee is listed in the warning.

  • If you only have the NDIS client added, please check that they have an NDIS number saved in their client record.
  • If you have added a support person to the support plan, check that the name in the warning is the support person. In this case the warning may be ignored.
  • If you only have a client added, but they have a Fee for Service Financial Arrangement, you may also ignore the warning.
  • If the Support plan has been created for a group support activity, ensure you check the client that is listed in the warning.



Updated on March 16, 2020

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