Withdrawn Field

The Withdrawn field on the Regular Attendee record allows you to exclude Regular Attendees from the Nominated Attendees multiselect on the Session. It does not affect your past sessions.

Some scenarios of when you might use the Withdrawn field include:

1. The Client is no longer attending the Group or Case. By marking the Regular Attendee record as Withdrawn, you won’t be presented with their name in the Session multiselect. This will keep your Session multiselect clean.

2. If, in error, you have added a client twice to same Regular Attendee list. By marking one as Withdrawn, you will not be presented with the same client name twice in the Session multiselect.

3. Client is no longer reportable to DEX. As an example, SETS clients may have exceeded their 5 years and are no longer eligible to be reported to DEX under that funding – however they are still attending the Group. To manage this scenario, the steps are:

a) Edit the current Regular Attendee record (where Participation Type = Client).

b) Mark the record “Withdrawn”

c) Create a new regular Attendee record and add the same client – but this time, change their Participation Type to “Client non-DEX”.

Updated on August 24, 2021

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