Community Obligations Overview

The CRM database Community Obligations functionality can be tailored to each organisation.  Although each installation may differ slightly, the following information will generally be included:

  • Client/Volunteer – the client or volunteer that the case relates to
  • Case – the individual case information (a client may have more than one case)
  • Approved Activities – Activities that the client or volunteer is approved to undertake.
  • Completed Activities – recorded details for each session that an approved activity is undertaken.
  • Documents – any documents related to the case

The Community Obligations process generally follows:

  • Client or Volunteer Intake (Create a Case)
    • Client or Volunteer intake is performed, case record is created for client/volunteer
  • Manage the Case
    • Case management is performed, including the application process, recording approved activities and completed activities, uploading documents.
  • Close the Case
    • The case record is closed if the activities are completed or do not proceed.

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Updated on April 20, 2020

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