Upload XML Report to DEX

Once your XML file has been generated, the file must be uploaded to the DEX portal.


Step 1. Download the XML file to your local machine. Refer to Create a DEX Activity Report for instructions.

Step 2. Log into your DEX Portal using myGovID.

Step 3. Click on the Uploaded files link in the My Organisation panel.

Uploaded Files DEX

Step 4. Click the Upload New File button

Upload New File

Step 5. Click Choose File

Choose File DEX

Step 6. Browse to the XML file you downloaded

Note – If you have an XML and SCORE XML file to be uploaded, you must upload the XML file successfully first.

Ensure that the XML file is uploaded and the file status is passed prior to uploading the SCORE XML file.  Refer to the next steps for dealing with any errors received.

Step 7.  Select the file and click Submit

If the file upload process succeeds, a File successfully uploaded message will be displayed and the file will be queued for processing by the DEX portal.

Remember to check the portal for any processing errors once your file has been processed.

If the file upload process fails, an error will be displayed and an error file will be saved in your downloads folder.

DEX Upload Error

Step 8. If your upload fails, refer to the DEX – Portal Report Upload Errors article.

Next Steps

Resolve any issues with the upload DEX – Portal Report Upload Errors

Resolve any issues with the data – DEX– Portal Report Errors

Further Information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on May 19, 2022

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