Settlement Services – Statistics Report

The Settlement Services Statistics Report provides a range of statistics to help you better manage your organisation’s services


Step 1. Select Reports from the  top menu

Step 2. From the Report drop-down menu, select Settlement Services Statistics

Settlement Services Statistics report

Step 3. Populate the Report input parameter fields (Site, Start Date, End Date)

Settlement Services Statistics Report Parameters

Step 4. Click Run Report

Once the report has completed processing, click the ‘Click Here to Download’  link

The Report will display in your browser, or open with your PDF viewer, depending on your computer’s settings.

The Enquiries – Statistics report is displayed.

The Report lists the following information:

  • Summary Information
    • New and existing clients in the reporting period
    • New and existing cases in the reporting period
  • Age of New Clients
  • Age of Active Clients
  • Gender of new Clients
  • Gender of active clients
  • Main Language Spoken at Home – New Clients
  • Main Language Spoken at Home – Active Clients
  • Country of Birth – New Clients
  • Country of Birth – Active Clients
  • Ancestry – New Clients
  • Ancestry – Active Clients
  • Residency Status – New Clients
  • Visa Type – New Clients
  • Postcode of New Clients
  • Length of Time in Australia – Active Clients
  • Date of Arrival – New Clients
  • Long Term Disability Category – New Clients
  • Main Source of Income for New Clients
  • Main Presenting Issue for New Clients
  • Source of Incoming Referrals – New Clients
  • Referring Agency – New Clients
  • Outgoing Referrals – Active Clients
  • Resolution of Client Problems – Closed Clients
  • Client Sessions for New Clients
  • Client Sessions for New and Existing Clients
  • Number of Sessions per Client in the reporting period
  • Average Session time per User
  • Issues Addressed (Primary) – Sessions
  • Service Type – Sessions
  • Active Cases by User

For more information on the results contained within the report, review the following specification:

Further Information

For further information, refer to the following articles:

Updated on August 8, 2019

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