Light Users

Some organisations may have volunteers or casual users who do not require daily access to the database.

Light users are a suitable, cost-effective alternative to provide access to these users.

Light users are charged at a reduced rate, however they have a quota which limits the number of days a quarter they can access the database.   

The a quota for a Light User is 12 days (calendar whole days) per quarter to access the database.   By default, Light Users have access 1 day per week (in a 4 week month).

If a Light User exceeds their quota they will be denied access to the database

You could extend the access by doing one of the following

If you just need the Light User to have access for extra days this month
  • You could change the Light User from a Light User to a Full User and leave them like that for the rest of the month, this would incur a charge the same as what you would get charged for a Full User for the month. At the end of the month to ensure you don't get charged for the User as a Full User for the next and following months, you will need to change them back to a Light User Note: that CDS won't be responsible for changing the user back to a light user this is something you will need to do but you could contact our support team to help you do this.
If you think the Light User should really be a Full User i.e. needs to have more acces days per quarter.
  • Change the Light User to a Full User and you will be charged the standard fee of a Full User per quarter for that user.
Refer to Creating Knowledge Base Article Creating a light User to walk you through changing the User

If not sure what you should do contact our support team via email on and we can talk about options for Light Users who have exceeded their quota

Further Information

For information on how to create a Light User, refer to the following article:

Updated on May 20, 2024

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