CI Assessment – create a joint client and practitioner assessment

Joint Client and Practitioner Client Assessments are surveys completed at the start, during or after an intervention.

Using the Joint Client and Practitioner method, the Practitioner will complete the assessment for the client with the client present by entering the client’s answers to a series of questions.


Step 1.   Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information)

Step 2.   Locate the session you wish to assess. This may exist under a variety of sessions e.g. Family Support, Financial Counselling, Settlement Services.

Step 3.   Use the Sup-Panel and click on CI Assessments or Scroll down to CI Assessments

Step 4.   Click the Client drop down and select the client to record the assessment against

Click Create button to create assessment for the selected client

Step 5.   Select the required assessment template from the drop down list.

Step 6.   Select the assessment phase applicable.

Assessment templates may have different phases depends on the outcomes framework they are part of. 
For example the SCORE framework has 2 phases 'Initial' and 'Subsequent'. 
Chose the phase most applicable to the intervention stage associated with your session.

Step 7.   Select ‘Joint Client and Practitioner’ from the Assessed By drop down list.

Step 8.   Click Save button to generate the assessment.

Once you click Save, it may take few seconds for assessment to be generated. 
Do not click the save button more than once to avoid generating multiple assessments.

Step 8.   View the CI Assessments list to locate the Draft assessment you created and click the Update link to complete the assessment.

Step 8.   The Assessment page is open in a new browser tab

Click on the tab to the right hand side of your active window to view and complete the assessment.

Step 9.   Once completed, click Save for Later button to save and review the assessment.

Step 10.   Review the answers and click Edit to change any information or Complete to finalise the assessment.

Further Information

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Updated on May 20, 2024

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