CI Assessment – Send reminders to clients who didn’t complete survey

Reminders are only sent to clients and should only be sent if a client has a CI Assessment that is in draft and is an Email/SMS Assessment.

To access Community CI Assessments in the database, Users need one (1) of the following Roles (permission)

– Manager
– Community CI – Coordinator
– Community CI – Worker

Managers can add this role as needed refer to Edit User Permissions

Single Resend Reminders

These can be done by any User who has access to Community CI Assessments

Batch Resend Reminders

A user with the Manager Role (permission) can do both Batch Resend Reminders and Single Resend Reminders.

Users can be assigned the Role (permissions) “Community Ci Manage” to enable them to use Batch Resend Reminders.

If your organisation needs the Batch Resend Reminder made available to a single use this can be done, talk to your CDS representative to arrange


Step 1.   Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).

Your CRM database will have been created based on your organisation's needs.
All screenshots below are based on a generic version of a CRM database.

What you see in your database will also depend on what Permissions (role) you have been given as a user.

Step 2.   In the Activities Menu

Click on CI Assessments

If you can't see CI Assessments in the menu speak to your manager, they may need to add Permissions (role) to your user account to allow access.

Step 3.   Search for Draft CI Assessment/s for a client

Not sure how Search works look here Search

In Assessment Status
– Select Draft

Always select Assessment Status Draft. You should only resend a CI Assessments that is in Draft

In Assessed By
– Select – – – one or all of the below
– Client via Email
– Client via SMS
– 3rd Party via Email
– 3rd Party via SMS

Now click green Search button

If you know the date the CI Assessment was created you could include a date range in your search 'Created After' and 'Created Before'

Depending on the Role your User account has . .

Go to Option 1: Single Resend Reminders
Go to Option 2: Batch Resend Reminders

Option 1: Single Resend Reminders

Step 1.   Click on the Assessment in the list you want to send a reminder for

Step 2.   Click on Re-send Assessment (Email, SMS) now

Step 3.   Confirm CI Assessment has been sent

Next you will see a message at the top of the screen indicating that #Email will be sent to Client.

Example Screenshot below

Option 2: Batch Resend Reminders

Step 1.   Select Clients with Draft CI Assessments and Resend (Email, SMS)

Select the client from the list

You can tick the box next to the Assessment or use Select and select all

Then click on ‘Resend CI Assessment (Email, SMS)

Step 2.   Confirm CI Assessment has been sent

Next you will see a message at the top of the screen indicating that # Assessment will be sent shortly.

The Screenshot below is an example of selecting 1 Assessment.

Further Information

For further information, refer to the following articles

Updated on May 22, 2024

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