PSP – How to create Carer Household

The Carer Household record holds all the relevant information from Enquiry through to Authorisation for a Carer Household.

The Carer Household record can also be used to keep track of any ongoing activity associated with managing an Active Carer Household.

Record keeping for Out of Home Care (OOHC) in Permanency Support Program (PSP)


Step 1.   Log into your CRM database (refer to Logging On for further information).

Step 2.   In the Activities Menu

Click on Carer Household

Step 3.    On the left in the Shortcuts.

Click on Create Carer Household

Before you create an Carer Household, do a Search for it to check if the record is already in the database.  
Don't create it again if it exists. 

Step 4.    You can now enter information in the new record for the Carer Household

The sections (or panels) to be populated are shown below.

A red star * next to a field name indicates that field is mandatory, it can't be left blank.
Some fields have default data already in them.  The field can be left as is but check this is correct.
Screenshots below may be different to your database as each database is customised to suit customer needs.

Enter -> Details

When adding the Primary Adult Carer (and Secondary Adult Carer if applicable).
You will be able to search existing in Individual (client) records to locate them or alternatively, create them if they do not already exist – ensure you search for the Adults/Individuals before creating them to avoid duplicate records.

There is an extensive list of fields that can be populated against the newly created Carer Household which at this stage should have a Status = Enquiry as it is required to go through the assessment process.

The name of the Carer Household is often prefixed by the Carer Surname e.g. 'Smith Household.

Enter -> Enquiry Details

Enter -> Application & Authorisation Details

Enter -> Accommodation Details

You can upload a photo of the household - Click on Choose file.

Enter -> Health of Household Members

Enter -> Transport

Enter -> Animals / Pets

Enter -> Other Details

Step 5.    When you have finished entering the information.

Click on Green Save button

If at any time before saving you want to abort the record creating click on Cancel

Once the Carer Household has been created you can now record additional information in the Sub Panel, see listing below

  • Carer Case Note/Event
    A place to record Carer Household Case note/event
  • Documents
    A place to upload files relating to the Carer Household
  • Child/YP Placement
    Once a Carer Household has been through the assessment process and is approved, the Status is set to Active and the Carer Household is now available to have Placements created against it. This is where Child/UP Placement information can be recorded.
  • Carer Reviews
    A place to record formal reviews that take place either during the assessment process or as an annual review. There is the possibility to upload a document and to record the Review Date field.Other Household Residents
  • Care Concern
    A place to record any Care Concern in the Carer Household
  • Carer Application & Assessments
    A place to record Carer Application & Assessments, you can also upload related documents here.
  • Critical Information
    A place to record Critical Information on the Carer Household
  • Carer Supervision Report
    A place to record Carer Household Supervision Report
  • Incident
    This is where you can record Incidents that relate to the Carer Household
  • Notification
    A place to record Notifications for the Carer Household
  • Related Carer Households
    A place to list any Related Carer Households

Further Information

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Updated on June 22, 2022

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